The quality of an interpreter’s work also depends on the original speech pronounced by the speaker. How can speakers help the interpreters? See our recommendations:

  • The interpreter tries to convey the speaker’s message as precisely as possible. To that end, we recommend sending all available supporting material such as PowerPoint presentations, notes, etc., in order for him to become familiar with specific terminology related to your sector or company, and prepare his work in advance. Interpreters will maintain the highest degree of confidentiality regarding any received documents.
  • The speaker should avoid reading a document out loud during his intervention, since he would tend to go faster than usual, making the interpreter’s work a lot more difficult. When this is not possible, we recommend making a copy of the document available to the interpreters.
  • Another important aspect is that the speaker needs to speak clearly and finish his sentences.
Recommendations regarding the technical equipment:
  • Should you opt for renting out the booths and the material by yourself, please bear in mind that the booths need to comply with the ISO standards. They guarantee certain criteria are met regarding its soundproof condition, lightning, ventilation, etc.
  • Body language also plays an important part when trying to convey a message precisely. To that end, when the client decides to rent out the booths, he should try to place them, whenever possible, in a place where interpreters have visual access to the speakers.

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